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package to ponder

Aimee sent this fruitful package to me. More images and background about it can be found here. These are fragments from a body of work that is included in a current solo exhibition of hers. Be sure to check out Aimee’s busy exhibition schedule for this fall and make it out to see her work in person if you happen to be in New York or Florida.

I haven’t decided what I will do will all of these pieces just yet, but have a few ideas coming together.



Last week I was able to spend some time with my friend and fellow mama, Melissa Hardman. She surprised me with a wonderfully crafted handmade book! I can’t get enough looking at or holding it. I love the colors and text combinations and that it is completely recycled. The simple Japanese stab binding lends itself well to this little lovely.

Some pics to share the love:

and lastly, a shot of our little boys playing in the sand. They’re only about a month apart in age and both way to busy playing to look at the camera!