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Death Notes II

Last week I received artmail from a former classmate of mine, Ben Kiehl.

Ben said “The whole motive for the image started by holding two sharpies at the same time and trying to control the image in spite of the double-strokes.”

I’ve always appreciated the amount of dexterity and meticulousness found in Ben’s artwork. I’m so pleased to receive bits such as this in the mail.


Mailbox lovlies

The only thing more exciting than making and sending artmail is receiving it!

This week I was thrilled to find two wonderful pieces of art in my mailbox.

The 1st one came from Aimee Lee, who is currently in Seoul, S. Korea. She is at the tail end of her Fulbright fellowship studying Hanji, traditional Korean hand made paper.

And yesterday arrived a work from Brandon Boan. He is currently teaching young artists at Ohio University.

Pending projects

My Etsy shop has been empty for ages (o.k. about a year). I have some stuff in the works to both fill my shop and try to get on consignment in a few local boutiques. Here is a sneak peak at what I have been working on.

I also have gotten back into sending mailart out. Here are a few postcards going into the box today…

For this set (and the last few) I have been using old photos and contact sheets from Photo I class in college. It is crazy to think that these were taken 9 years ago already! It’s been fun going through such old work. I have stacks and stacks of photos. Too much to keep! This is my solution to keep them alive, spread them out and have fun turning them into something new.