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We are preparing for a very exciting project…

Any guesses?


Talking Squid

There is no better way to reduce your carbon footprint than by purchasing both recycled and handmade! One of my favorite Local Artists and Etsy shop owners is Taryn Boyd aka Talking Squid.

Talking Squid is about to launch her new Home Decor Line, just in time to freshen up your digs for fall.

I’m loving this 100% Recycled Tshirt Sphere pillow; it’ll perfect for snuggling on the upcoming brisk autumn evenings.

This soft and luxurious, 100% recycled Cafe Au Lait and White Rug is handmade from discarded t-shirts. It is crafted with hand cut t-shirt strips sewn on a durable cotton jersey t-shirt base. The perfect way to warm up those chilly floors this fall!

Talking Squid says:

“I believe recycled products don’t have to look “recycled.” Detail, functionality, and usefulness are important. Creating fresh, urban & modern designs from 100% recycled t-shirts is my main focus.”

Please check out her Etsy Shop for a sundry of handmade/recycled goods. Oh and you can find Talking Squid in person if you happen to be in Chicago this weekend as she’ll be at the RENEGADE CHICAGO craft show. September 12th and 13th.

Quilt Tops, in progress

I spent some time on Saturday crafting 2 quilt tops. I had some fabric planned for the backs, but once I saw them together I decided they just didn’t work. A trip to the fabric store is in order. In the meantime, here are some in-progress shots of the tops.

I love those swatches and coffee too.

Ready to be sewn together. I am liking this neutral one, like a jar of lentils. I still can’t decide what color would be good for the backing.

I like the long pieces and richer colors used for this one. Another hard backing decision awaits me.

These are both put together using the obsolete fabric swatch books (Thanks, Sandhya!) I used to make the party flags for Felix’ 1st Birthday Party.

Look for updates on these in a few days…


Have I ever mentioned how much I love tape? Here is a peek at a small part of my collection. I snapped these while working on some new artmail.

Perfect Party Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend for Felix’ 1st Birthday Party! The weather was perfect, the company was outstanding and love was definitely surrounding us. Thank you so much to everyone who came out to celebrate and all those who sent well wishes our way.

Making an announcement with Papa.

Papa made this puppet theater. We had a few marionettes out for kids to put on their own puppet shows.

Papa also put together this awesome toss game. There were only a few who mastered all levels.

We had the bean bag toss and Papa’s Tic Tac Toe game too.

My sister baked the cakes from scratch, of course! (They were absolutely delicious by the way, and yes, she takes special orders.)

Singing Happy Birthday:

The main event: smashing the cake!

The aftermath:

Kissing a handmade sock frog from Anne, who also made the stellar mix playing during the party.

(We’ve been preparing for a while. click to see more about the invite, party flags, bean bag toss and party hats.)

Party Prep III- party hats and bean bag toss

The Birthday fun continues.

Tomorrow is the party day! We still have tons to do to prepare. Some cooking, cleaning and of course setting everything up outside. Remember when I mentioned being knee deep in fabric last week? I’ve been working day and night on these two projects for Felix 1st Birthday Party.

For the party hats, I wanted something fabric that we could re-use. I came across this tutorial which gave me a great start. In fact I followed most of it. I decided not to use glue, I don’t have pinking shears (they’re on my list though!) and I added an elastic strap to the hat so that it would stay on people’s heads better.

They’re made of 4 circles each.

These were not finished when I photographed them. (and to be honest, I’ll be staying up late to finish a few tonight. eeek.)

I had so much fun with the fabric combinations!

Happy hat model.

My second big project was to make a bean bag toss. Now, I know a lot of people are creeped out by clowns, so sorry if this bothers anyone. But we have a bit of a carnival theme going here, and I just couldn’t resist.

I started with a big moving box and two bags of pearl barley.

sketching it out.

We put the barley in plastic bags first, just to make them a little safer if they do rip open.

Ta-daaaaa. Finished product:

I’m sure I’ll have an update Monday with shots of this stuff in action. Have a great weekend, we sure will!

Quick Quilt (and other etsy updates)

I’ve broadened my horizons. My Etsy shop now has tees with paintings of fish, bugs and a running hare! Also newly added to the shop are two onesies with appliques, and a few more bird T shirts.

With some pieces left over from the party flags, I patched together a quick lap sized quilt (29 x 33″). It’s been years since I’ve worked on a quilt and I have to say it was much fun! The layout was completely random. I have some more quilting ideas in the works, so stay tuned. Here are a few pics of the Quilt, which can also be purchased in my Etsy Shop: Turnip Attire. (baby not included.)

Oh, and if you mention redrecliner, I’ll take 10 % off your purchase.