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r e : b r e a t h i n g . s p a c e

Erin Goodman’s beautiful post today  entitled “b r e a t h i n g . s p a c e” reminded me about last week when we stumbled upon the most incredible, full arching rainbow with every color either of us had ever seen. We couldn’t believe our eyes and knew Felix probably wasn’t getting a very good look at it from his carseat, so we pulled over in a parking lot to enjoy it for just a moment. Felix still didn’t seem to get what we were pointing at. Once we hopped back in the car I read him “What makes a Rainbow?” (funny we just happened to have it with us.)

I almost always have my camera on me but unfortunately, this time I didn’t so please bear with my horrible cell phone picture that does this beautiful moment no justice at all. At least we will always have the memory.

Thanks for the reminder, Erin!


the little things.

Felix and I spent the day at the park with friends today. It is so nice for Felix to be around other kids and for me to equally enjoy spending time with their parents. I’m so thankful we’re fortunate enough to have found such a wonderful community of families!

Just before we were getting ready to leave the park, Felix signed to nurse. He nursed for about 2 minutes before falling asleep. I slung him on my back and carried him home in the ergo. I was able to lay him right down in bed. Here he is after lots of fresh air and friends. This is the kind of sleep we love!

Perfect Party Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend for Felix’ 1st Birthday Party! The weather was perfect, the company was outstanding and love was definitely surrounding us. Thank you so much to everyone who came out to celebrate and all those who sent well wishes our way.

Making an announcement with Papa.

Papa made this puppet theater. We had a few marionettes out for kids to put on their own puppet shows.

Papa also put together this awesome toss game. There were only a few who mastered all levels.

We had the bean bag toss and Papa’s Tic Tac Toe game too.

My sister baked the cakes from scratch, of course! (They were absolutely delicious by the way, and yes, she takes special orders.)

Singing Happy Birthday:

The main event: smashing the cake!

The aftermath:

Kissing a handmade sock frog from Anne, who also made the stellar mix playing during the party.

(We’ve been preparing for a while. click to see more about the invite, party flags, bean bag toss and party hats.)

A Letter to Felix

June 25, 2009

Dear Felix,

Today, we are celebrating your first year with us!

I can still see your beautiful bluish purple body and scrunched up face, fresh from my womb; The way you squinted at the bright lights of your new world that magical day one year ago. I will never forget your latching onto my breast and spending those first few hours, days, weeks staring at you. Watching you grow has been truly incredible. Your neck got stronger, you rolled, you sat, you crawled. Oh and walking. You started 2 months ago- and all of the sudden you’re such a big boy!

I love laughing with you. Your joyfulness has made my life so much fuller and richer. Watching you inspect each new thing you see has helped me re-evaluate and appreciate so many things around me that I can so easily take for granted, like smelling flowers. You smell flowers slowly, with your mouth wide open.

I love how you sign for milk while you’re nursing. Clap your hands and begin to dance when you hear music. Start to beat any cylindrical form as if it were a drum. How you say “oooooooohhhhh” at particular things that catch your fancy, “ouf” when you hear dogs bark, and “uhhh” when you hear a train passing through town.

I love how much you’ve developed into your own person. How you know what you want to do and which direction you want to go. How you’ve figured out ways to tell us how to get you there, like pointing in the direction you would like me to walk.

Seeing you with family makes me happier than you can know. I feel so fortunate that we are able to live so closely to our families. The way you watch your Pappy, reach for and hug your Nani, laugh and giggle with Grandma, play with Baba and interact with your aunts, uncles and cousins brings me so much joy and makes me feel as though there is nothing more I could want in life.

It is sweet how well you play with Elmer and Turnip too. Turnip follows you around for attention and lets you grab her and pet her like crazy. Elmer will bring you his chicken or stuffed toy. I know he always takes the ball from you, but soon you will get his game of keep away and be fast enough to chase him down.

I love you more than I thought possible. Having you in my life has deepened my love for Papa too. I love watching you together. How happy you are to see him when you wake up in the morning, when he gets home from work, even when he enters a room. How oftentimes he is the only person you want to hold you. I love how you two cuddle, sleep, and be silly together. I love to see you kiss papa, mouth wide-open, eyes closed.

I have so many thoughts and emotions about today. But most of all, I am bursting at the seams with love for you. You have lit up my life and made it something so special, something I never expected. I’m thrilled to think of spending the rest of my years watching you grow and learning from you, with you.

Thank you for being you, Felix.



This day last year:

(this wasn’t actually taken today, but close enough for now.)

Enojoying THIS Moment

There are so many things to be done on any given day. The sink is full of dirty dishes, there are toys covering the floors, a basket of laundry needs to be put away, I have five t-shirts to finish, haven’t made any new artmail and have a project that’s been sitting unfinished in the studio for far too long. But sometimes, like right now on this cool rainy day, all I can get myself to do is cuddle my little F in a soft green blanket in the red recliner. (Yes, he is in my lap snoozing as I type this- that is multi-tasking, right?!).  I frequently argue with myself about setting him down and getting to “things”, but sometimes I think it is more pertinent to just relish the moment, to look and love. To feel the warmth of his body, listen to each breath and kiss his sweet little head. He will never be THIS way again. His plump little fingers, sandy curls, the roundness of his cheeks. As this 1 year milestone gets closer, I find it ever so important to take in, enjoy, and remember these sweet baby moments.

(bottom two are a little blown out by the flash, but you get the picture.)