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Older Randoms

I’ve picked up my little pocket camera again recently. Here is a culmination of shots I took with it over several months. Felix looks so small in some of these.

Turnip, our sweet cat in her favorite spot.

Elmer, the wonder pup.

Felix in the prototype party hat. We were on our way to Haberman Fabrics to get more fabric to make more hats!

Exploring the fabrics.

This was taken at the Susan G Koman Race for the Cure, Detroit.

Papa snapped this last shot one day while I was working. Oh, this face!


Evening Sprinkler Play

Last night was Felix’ first encounter with the sprinkler.

He loved it!

Elmer did, too.

Shop Pup – Just Like Old Times

Last week I posted about my shop baby. Sunday while Felix hung out with Papa, I brought our dog Elmer to work with me. Before we lived in Delaware (about 3 years ago) I worked at the same Boutique and was routinely accompanied by Elmer. Sandhya, the owner, has told me that people still ask about him. He is a friendly pup and makes for a great shop dog. Most folks are thrilled to see him. Sunday was just like old times. I think Elmer was happy to go back, especially to see paczi. He loves getting attention from the various customers. But I’d also like to think he was happy to go somewhere one on one with me again; It doesn’t happen all that often anymore with baby around.