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place to place

Two beautiful arrivals this weekend from prolific Aimee Lee.

I enjoy the tactility and subtleties of the paper and am intrigued by how the blanket-ness of the material in the first image looks rough and yet so soft. The black and white lends itself well to these images yielding a lush chiaroscuro.

and the details.

Thank you Aimee!


Death Notes II

Last week I received artmail from a former classmate of mine, Ben Kiehl.

Ben said “The whole motive for the image started by holding two sharpies at the same time and trying to control the image in spite of the double-strokes.”

I’ve always appreciated the amount of dexterity and meticulousness found in Ben’s artwork. I’m so pleased to receive bits such as this in the mail.

serenety sent via post

Last week, my mailbox was presented with artmail from Elizabeth Isakson. Liz is a dear friend, who’s work has such a lovely sensitivity and grace to it.

I love how serene the imagery here is. It came just in time: I was a little hectic with party prepping last week (don’t get me wrong, it was all fun!). This reminded me to take a deep breath and enjoy.

Liz and I actually live in the same town. Near or far, I do love mail!


I mentioned in my last post about artmail that I have been cutting up old images I made while in photography classes. I usually love making these into collage pieces- using different tape, maps, pieces of whatever catches my eye. For some reason though, when I started work on this batch I just couldn’t alter them. I did add some tape on a small few, but overall I decided I liked the imagery as is. Here is the stack — and a few close ups. These will be getting in the mail today!

These images were photographed on my aunts farm. The bubbly look was achieved by burning/melting the negatives before I enlarged them. I had a lot of fun playing with this technique. There are a few more cards left- so I may convince myself to cut and paste a little more next time around. We will see.