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Summer Present

We’ve been playing hard lately. Here are a few recent shots.


Hanging with Grandma.

Rocks and water.

We’re loving summer while it lasts!


trucks, balls, boys

We’ve made an effort to keep Felix’ toys and clothing as gender neutral as possible. (It’s a harder task than I expected.) We’d like for him to be able to choose what he wants to play with. It is so funny to see that many times the things he ends up seeking out are more “boyish”.

The other night we happened to be at the park while there was some sort of Drug Free Community event. They had Police cars and motorcycles, an ambulance, fire truck, maintenance truck, and McGruff! (Not to mention, free ice cream!)

He really had a blast climbing in all of the trucks. He kept wanting to do it again!

He was not as sure, however, about McGruff.

Yup, the boy loves trucks and balls (as well as dirt, rocks, sticks…).

place to place

Two beautiful arrivals this weekend from prolific Aimee Lee.

I enjoy the tactility and subtleties of the paper and am intrigued by how the blanket-ness of the material in the first image looks rough and yet so soft. The black and white lends itself well to these images yielding a lush chiaroscuro.

and the details.

Thank you Aimee!

the little things.

Felix and I spent the day at the park with friends today. It is so nice for Felix to be around other kids and for me to equally enjoy spending time with their parents. I’m so thankful we’re fortunate enough to have found such a wonderful community of families!

Just before we were getting ready to leave the park, Felix signed to nurse. He nursed for about 2 minutes before falling asleep. I slung him on my back and carried him home in the ergo. I was able to lay him right down in bed. Here he is after lots of fresh air and friends. This is the kind of sleep we love!

How We Stroll

Lately in any given outing, we end up doing a mix of Felix riding in his stroller, being carried in the ergo, being held and walking on his own. He is an independent guy these days and knows exactly what he wants! We just need to be prepared.

Here are a few shots while we were out the other day taking a stroll:

I so love that he rides up high in this stroller and even more that he can be facing us. However, lately with his increased independence, Felix has been wanting to face outward at times.

And a few photos from a stop in the park. I love these sandy fingers

and sandy curls.

Revelation in the Sand: 11 months and counting.

I couldn't keep him away.

Yesterday Felix turned 11 months. It hit me as he was *walking* through the *sandbox* at the park. I knew these things were coming, but so soon? It is hard to grasp the idea that in just 1 month he will be a year. A whole, single year. 365 days since I labored for hours and pushed my purple tiny baby out into this world. A year since he first latched onto my breast. A year.

Filling the bucket