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Rhino in Felt

Last week we were able to visit with Laura Borchert, a former classmate of mine who has been living out in Oakland for a couple of years now. Laura is an illustrator who makes really awesome paintings. (Visit her blog!) She also has an Etsy shop, Jarva Lorax, where she sells wonderfully hand-crated stuffed animals.

Imagine the excitement when she gifted this happy rhinoceros to Felix.

I love all of the hand stitched details.

We found this strange toothy looking apple yesterday. It reminded me of How are you Peeling? a bit.


Mid-Summer Etsy Sale

I had Felix with me at the Boutique yesterday. Working with a one year old is certainly a challenge. We’ve entered into the age of tantrums and keeping him occupied in a store full of fun colors, shapes, and textures is, well, it definitely keeps me on my toes. We do have fun though and I just have to keep thinking creatively and do a lot of redirecting. He loves when there are customers, likes to walk under the hanging clothing and  I was pleased to see him enjoying his car for a while too (as toys are not nearly as exciting to him as various other things in the store).

In other news, I’m feeling a mid summer urge to get the old stuff into new homes and bring some new stuff into my Etsy shop. Starting today, everything in my shop is 50% off their original price. If you mention red recliner when making your order, I will ship it for free!

Have a great weekend!

Quick Quilt (and other etsy updates)

I’ve broadened my horizons. My Etsy shop now has tees with paintings of fish, bugs and a running hare! Also newly added to the shop are two onesies with appliques, and a few more bird T shirts.

With some pieces left over from the party flags, I patched together a quick lap sized quilt (29 x 33″). It’s been years since I’ve worked on a quilt and I have to say it was much fun! The layout was completely random. I have some more quilting ideas in the works, so stay tuned. Here are a few pics of the Quilt, which can also be purchased in my Etsy Shop: Turnip Attire. (baby not included.)

Oh, and if you mention redrecliner, I’ll take 10 % off your purchase.

Up and Running

I wouldn’t call it full, but there are items in my Etsy shop! I am happy to have some things listed again, and look forward to keeping a steady flow of inventory. The current batch of items are hand painted birds on American Apparel Classic Girl Ts in various colors and sizes.

I’ve been having loads of fun painting the birds!

Pending projects

My Etsy shop has been empty for ages (o.k. about a year). I have some stuff in the works to both fill my shop and try to get on consignment in a few local boutiques. Here is a sneak peak at what I have been working on.

I also have gotten back into sending mailart out. Here are a few postcards going into the box today…

For this set (and the last few) I have been using old photos and contact sheets from Photo I class in college. It is crazy to think that these were taken 9 years ago already! It’s been fun going through such old work. I have stacks and stacks of photos. Too much to keep! This is my solution to keep them alive, spread them out and have fun turning them into something new.