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Have I ever mentioned how much I love tape? Here is a peek at a small part of my collection. I snapped these while working on some new artmail.



I mentioned in my last post about artmail that I have been cutting up old images I made while in photography classes. I usually love making these into collage pieces- using different tape, maps, pieces of whatever catches my eye. For some reason though, when I started work on this batch I just couldn’t alter them. I did add some tape on a small few, but overall I decided I liked the imagery as is. Here is the stack — and a few close ups. These will be getting in the mail today!

These images were photographed on my aunts farm. The bubbly look was achieved by burning/melting the negatives before I enlarged them. I had a lot of fun playing with this technique. There are a few more cards left- so I may convince myself to cut and paste a little more next time around. We will see.