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What do you do when you have a lot of beer left in the post-party keg? Why, you fill up all of your glass jars and share it with friends of course!

As I was finishing some of the party left overs today, I realized that I didn’t write much about the food aspect of  Felix’ party. I wanted to mention a few things we had though, because it is important to us to support our local businesses as much as we can and I thought it would be nice to spread the love.

The above mentioned beer was the crowd pleasing Ghetto Blaster from Motor City Brewing Works. There was a giant salad made with lettuce from my parents garden and like I mentioned Monday, my sister made the fabulous cakes.

We made pulled pork for our main entree using lots of pork from John Henry’s. We have been buying meat and eggs from their booth at our farmers market each week, but for this order they delivered it right to our home! Talk about customer service! The pulled pork was piled onto delicious fresh baked rolls from La Gloria Bakery in Mexican Town (Southwest Detroit). (Oh, and we had some vegetarian BBQ too, made from lentils.)

Sassy Jones is the sauce that flavored our BBQ. Although not local to us, my Uncle from Arkansas brought it as a gift on his last visit up here. The label is way too fun not to share.

It’s good on lentils too…


Sweet Summer Sets in

Last night we grilled a few burgers in the yard. Ahh, these summer evenings are marvelous.

So, the buns were a flop, but they were on sale. I really need to start making our bread again. The lettuce comes from a farm in Armada, the beef from a free range farm in Millington, and the delicious habenero pickles – are from a Detroit company.

Felix and Elmer playing ball.

Finally, the totally unhealthy but irresistable roasted marshmallows! I enjoyed mine with a pretzel rod and some dark chocolate.