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Sending out: some new mail

These went out last week.

They’re paintings on pages from an old biology book that I did in 2006 at Penland. I had been saving them to make into a book and just decided to send the pages out individually instead.


New mailbox findings




The Great Snail Mail Revolution!

I was thrilled to be included in Apples for Poppy Anne‘s Great Snail Mail Revolution.

My mail-mate is from Pasadena, California. It was lots of fun to create a small care package to send across the country to my new friend!

A peek at what I sent:

The folded paper on top is a map of the contents.

To the left is a handmade book (farmers purse) which I stuffed with some MI fall leaves, The metal rooster on the right is actually a pair of scissors, there are some handmade MI beeswax candles among other things.

And drum roll…..this is what I was gifted! It was such a pleasure to open each carefully chosen, made, and written bit. I savored reading all of the thoughtful little notes she sent.

A women after my own heart. We both have art degrees. She’s a painter.

She hand carved all of these stamps and printed little personalized note cards for me!

outbox: just a few

postcards to put in the mail this week.

inbox goodies

Lots of mail love lately…

postcard from Victoria, a friend in Delaware.

Some seeds from Claudia in Portland OR

a note from Anne in Providence RI

and a post card from Aimee in NY

package to ponder

Aimee sent this fruitful package to me. More images and background about it can be found here. These are fragments from a body of work that is included in a current solo exhibition of hers. Be sure to check out Aimee’s busy exhibition schedule for this fall and make it out to see her work in person if you happen to be in New York or Florida.

I haven’t decided what I will do will all of these pieces just yet, but have a few ideas coming together.

Pinchpots for Hungarian Birds

I received a fine little package this week from artist Brandon Boan. He’s just returned from a month of teaching in Hungary. The following, entitled Pinch Pots for Hungarian Birds, was made during his work on a series of thermal drawings which will be showing soon; I’ll be sure to update with details as I get them.