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The Great Snail Mail Revolution!

I was thrilled to be included in Apples for Poppy Anne‘s Great Snail Mail Revolution.

My mail-mate is from Pasadena, California. It was lots of fun to create a small care package to send across the country to my new friend!

A peek at what I sent:

The folded paper on top is a map of the contents.

To the left is a handmade book (farmers purse) which I stuffed with some MI fall leaves, The metal rooster on the right is actually a pair of scissors, there are some handmade MI beeswax candles among other things.

And drum roll…..this is what I was gifted! It was such a pleasure to open each carefully chosen, made, and written bit. I savored reading all of the thoughtful little notes she sent.

A women after my own heart. We both have art degrees. She’s a painter.

She hand carved all of these stamps and printed little personalized note cards for me!