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The Great Snail Mail Revolution!

I was thrilled to be included in Apples for Poppy Anne‘s Great Snail Mail Revolution.

My mail-mate is from Pasadena, California. It was lots of fun to create a small care package to send across the country to my new friend!

A peek at what I sent:

The folded paper on top is a map of the contents.

To the left is a handmade book (farmers purse) which I stuffed with some MI fall leaves, The metal rooster on the right is actually a pair of scissors, there are some handmade MI beeswax candles among other things.

And drum roll…..this is what I was gifted! It was such a pleasure to open each carefully chosen, made, and written bit. I savored reading all of the thoughtful little notes she sent.

A women after my own heart. We both have art degrees. She’s a painter.

She hand carved all of these stamps and printed little personalized note cards for me!


Fleeting Summer

Fleeting Summer: It begins with a Colour Challenge.

a certain kind of narrative

The current It begins with a colour challenge is to write a narrative for an old portrait. I found this lovely here.

Verona is a modern gal. She’s independent, self sufficient and needless to say, fashionable. She moved to the city to follow her life dream to be a model. She’s been working on her modeling career for quite sometime and just doesn’t understand why it hasn’t taken off for her yet. She’s had to pick up evening work at the local tavern to help make ends meet in between gigs.

Embracing the Blur

Admittedly I’ve been feeling a bit blurry myself lately, so I can completely relate to the sentiments Erin expressed in the recent It begins with a colour challenge.

This was taken one day while Felix was at the boutique with me.


This post has had me thinking about circles all week. I took the following images while playing in the yard with Felix yesterday.

Felix has been really into falling into the tall lily leaves lately. Must be cushy.