How to make a Winter Solstice Lantern

In preparation for our first time celebrating Martinmas, we’re hosting a Winter Solstice Lantern Making Party.  This is the best resource I’ve seen on the topic.

And now, for my first tutorial!

How to make a Winter Solstice Lantern.


* Clear glass jars

* Tissue paper – various colors

* Scissors

* Flat paintbrush

* White glue or gel medium

* Plastic bowl (to mix glue solution)

* Tea Candles

* Wire

* Wire cutters/ pliers

* Optional: Ribbon & Hot Glue gun

1. Collect and flatten leaves.

1a. If using glue, gently mix 1 part glue to 2 1/2 parts water. gel medium can be used straight.

2. Cut or rip pieces of tissue paper in colors of your choice.

3. Brush your medium onto the jar.

4. Stick pieces of tissue on the medium and then brush a little more on top of them.

5. Add a leaf or any other special something you’d like to be on your lantern.

6. To help keep the leaf secure, add white pieces of tissue over it and brush with medium.

(You can use strips too!)

7. For the handle, wrap some wire around the lip of the jar. Cut a second piece of wire to connect to the piece around the lip in an upside U. Twist the wire to secure. Tuck in all ends.

8. Using the hot glue gun, fold a wide piece of ribbon in half around the wire handle and glue the edges shut.

9. Secure the wire around the lip of the jar (and cover the edges from the handle) with more hot glue and a piece of ribbon wrapped all the way around.

10. Once dry, put a tea candle inside.

Please let me know if any parts need further clarification.

Enjoy your beautiful lanterns!


4 responses to “How to make a Winter Solstice Lantern

  1. ohhhh…these are so beautiful. I know Jude would enjoy all the glue as he is a big fan of glue and tape.
    thanks for sharing such a great project!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I plan to make a couple for the winter solstice.

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