Talking Squid

There is no better way to reduce your carbon footprint than by purchasing both recycled and handmade! One of my favorite Local Artists and Etsy shop owners is Taryn Boyd aka Talking Squid.

Talking Squid is about to launch her new Home Decor Line, just in time to freshen up your digs for fall.

I’m loving this 100% Recycled Tshirt Sphere pillow; it’ll perfect for snuggling on the upcoming brisk autumn evenings.

This soft and luxurious, 100% recycled Cafe Au Lait and White Rug is handmade from discarded t-shirts. It is crafted with hand cut t-shirt strips sewn on a durable cotton jersey t-shirt base. The perfect way to warm up those chilly floors this fall!

Talking Squid says:

“I believe recycled products don’t have to look “recycled.” Detail, functionality, and usefulness are important. Creating fresh, urban & modern designs from 100% recycled t-shirts is my main focus.”

Please check out her Etsy Shop for a sundry of handmade/recycled goods. Oh and you can find Talking Squid in person if you happen to be in Chicago this weekend as she’ll be at the RENEGADE CHICAGO craft show. September 12th and 13th.

One response to “Talking Squid

  1. ooohhh…i like these very much!

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