Michigan State Fair

This weekend we took Felix to the annual Michigan State Fair.

The Nation’s Oldest State Fair was officially first held in 1849, only twelve years after Michigan attained statehood. At the onset it was customary, in fact, for the fair to be held one year in one city, the next year in another, and there was always a hot contest to be the city selected. The Michigan State Fair settled down at the present fairgrounds in 1905. (Michigan.gov)

We were sad to find out that this will be the last year for the fair.

Gov. Jennifer Granholm, faced with a $1.8 billion budget deficit, has proposed cutting all funding after Sept. 30. Eviction notices have been sent to tenants at the 164-acre site. (Mlive)

In any case, we had a great time walking around, there was just so much to see. Here are some favorite shots from the day.

Running through the maze.

He was very interested in the chicks!

Loved these feathers, hated these cages.

classic fair fare.

Blueberry break.

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