a little break

Felix and I have had colds, my beloved camera has been broken and I have been engrossed in a wonderful book. So, posting has been slow going for me. I hope to be back full speed soon.

In the mean time, if you’re looking for a good read, please check out Ladies Hands, Lion’s Heart: A Midwife’s Saga by Carol Leonard. (She attended the birth of the friend who lent me this book!)

Lady’s Hands, Lion’s Heart has it all. It’s part memoir, part American history, part textbook, part spiritual journey, part love story. Carol Leonard relays her life story as a midwife, a mother, a wife and a health care activist from 1975 (the year her son was born) to 1987 (the year of her deepest, darkest time.) The yarn that winds seamlessly thorough this book is the moment of birth. As a midwife who has delivered hundreds of babies, Carol Leonard tells the best birth stories! By their very nature, birth stories are the ultimate adventure tales, full of fraught emotion and drama that would make any Hollywood producer envious. Danger, romance, mystery, comedy and sometimes, sadly, tragedy – Leonard’s stories will keep you turning the pages with anticipation. (Bad Beaver Farm)

One response to “a little break

  1. Hello! Thanks so much for the “shout out”…I really appreciate it! (Who is your friend who’s baby I caught?) SMOOCH! Carol Leonard

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