Unwilling to put chemicals on our lawn and not really liking the grass monoculture that so many people have for lawns, ours is full of “weeds.” We’re o.k. with this, while I am sure it drives our neighbors crazy. Utopiography makes some great points about what she’s coined “Aesthetic Selection“. Personally, I think of grass as  the human forced invasive specie.

I find it interesting that so many of the plants that our culture classifies as weeds are actually useful. Red Clover and Dandelion leaves are a tasty and nutritional addition to salads and the flower petals can be eaten, too. Plantain can be used to ease the pain/ itch of bee stings and mosquito bites. All of this is fairly recent news to me and I wonder why these “weeds” have such a bad rap while pristine grass is so desirable.

I did a search to see what artists were making about “weeds”.

“Lightweeds is a project by Simon Heijdens and exhibited at the MoMA – part of the Design and the Elastic Mind exhibition.” (nextnature)

“Dutch designer Arwin Caljouw, with his project called Interior weeds, thinks over nature and the way that weeds emerge and grow in the streets. Interior weeds shows the power of plants in our environment:” (Design Lab)

2 responses to “Weeding

  1. I like that you’ve turned the tables and pointed the finger at grass, it doesn’t surprise me that we’re on the same wavelength though 🙂 I really like Calijouw’s piece, it reminds me of some of your own work.

  2. I appreciate the second piece in your photo very much. We have certainly be-friended weeds at our home as well. We have eaten many delicious vitamin packed meals that included ‘weeds’ Alongside flowers from my gardens, I also enjoy making flower crowns and floral bouquets with these readily available plants that I in turn sell at the farmers market… great post! I always appreciate seeing weeds talked about in a positive light!

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