Rhino in Felt

Last week we were able to visit with Laura Borchert, a former classmate of mine who has been living out in Oakland for a couple of years now. Laura is an illustrator who makes really awesome paintings. (Visit her blog!) She also has an Etsy shop, Jarva Lorax, where she sells wonderfully hand-crated stuffed animals.

Imagine the excitement when she gifted this happy rhinoceros to Felix.

I love all of the hand stitched details.

We found this strange toothy looking apple yesterday. It reminded me of How are you Peeling? a bit.

3 responses to “Rhino in Felt

  1. Cute rhino…I too appreciate the hand stitching. That is one interesting apple…it looks like it was run over by a toy monster truck.

    • I thought the same thing…but we don’t have anything like that. I’m thinking maybe my neighbor ran it over with his riding lawnmower and an animal brought it over to our yard. Seems logical enough, right?

      Either way, it’s fun to imagine the apple having funny teeth.

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