Fleeting Sheeting

I have been working with polyethylene or plastic sheeting for a while now, but it was just the other day that I decided to see what other artists are doing with it. Naturally, I turned to Google. I came across this slideshow about public art by the New York Times. I’ve been familiar with Tara Donovan’s work for some time and love what she does. I value her use of simple materials and admire how she turns them into graceful and dynamic works. This is the first I’ve seen of this installation.

Ms. Donovan’s untitled piece consists of 2,500 pounds of plastic sheeting loosely folded into a wide box that is glassed in on the front and back and built into a freestanding white wall.

I love how the sheets roll, fold and shift on themselves in layers. It’s cellular and somehow reminiscent of gentle waves or sedimentary rock.

I also came across this work on plastic sheeting by artist Ben Garthus:

Plastic sheeting has been gratifying to work with for me. Since the bulk of what I have has already had a life, I appreciate the subtle variations on the surface of it from the dirt and plant material. I’m looking forward to seeing which way it pulls me next.

2 responses to “Fleeting Sheeting

  1. that first picture looks so organic for plastic! I would love to see what you do with the plastic sheeting.

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