From Letters to Words

I think I have the luckiest mailbox.

My dear friend Jude writes the most wonderful letters. I’m giddy every time I get one! Jude Stuecker is a fiber artist whom I met at Penland in North Carolina where we were both Studio Assistants during an 8 week Spring Concentration. She made a beautiful quilt for Felix that lives on the red recliner. Jude is currently in the middle of her busy summer show and festival season.

Also this week I received post cards from ever talented writer and poet Claudia Manz. Claudia changed my perspective on poetry completely. I met her during a month long fellowship/ residency at Jentel in Wyoming. Prior to that I just didn’t “get” most poems, didn’t really know how to think about them and in turn took the unfortunate stance that I just didn’t really like poetry.  After hearing Claudia share some of her favorite works as well as watch her work and listen to her read, I found a whole new appreciation and enjoyment for poetry altogether.

Claudia sent two poems from Portland.

3 responses to “From Letters to Words

  1. Just now, I was thinking about how I would like pinking shears, but how I don’t really need them. And then I thought of you. And then I checked to see if you had posted yet and you had! And w/the most beautiful things.

    This is becoming a fix…AND: hooray for another poetry convert! I think often it takes a real live poet to do the best conversions.

  2. Thanks, Aimee! And, I still don’t have pinking shears. I’d still like some, but I don’t really need them either.

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