r e : b r e a t h i n g . s p a c e

Erin Goodman’s beautiful post today  entitled “b r e a t h i n g . s p a c e” reminded me about last week when we stumbled upon the most incredible, full arching rainbow with every color either of us had ever seen. We couldn’t believe our eyes and knew Felix probably wasn’t getting a very good look at it from his carseat, so we pulled over in a parking lot to enjoy it for just a moment. Felix still didn’t seem to get what we were pointing at. Once we hopped back in the car I read him “What makes a Rainbow?” (funny we just happened to have it with us.)

I almost always have my camera on me but unfortunately, this time I didn’t so please bear with my horrible cell phone picture that does this beautiful moment no justice at all. At least we will always have the memory.

Thanks for the reminder, Erin!

3 responses to “r e : b r e a t h i n g . s p a c e

  1. wow. that is so cool. all of it. i love that you had “what makes a rainbow” (a favorite around here too) with you!!!!

    thanks so much for posting this. i think it’s the first time anyone has ever posted anything directly inspired by my blog. pretty cool!!!

  2. morganfrances

    Cell phone camera or not, it’s still a lovely image…a few weeks ago some friends and I were driving back from a secluded beach in Queens. We left because a rainstorm suddenly developed, but driving back into Brooklyn, we were greeted with the most amazing double rainbow hovering over the Brooklyn Bridge. I’d never seen such a thing. I think with all this rain it is truly the summer of rainbows. Reminds me of Kurosawa’s Dreams.

  3. very cool! We have that book too.

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