In doing some research, I’ve come across some interesting ways of working with grass and had to share.

I hadn’t heard of artist Tomas Saraceno until doing this search, but have become completely smitten by his work. Here are his Floating balloons of grass from the “Lighter than Air” exhibition at Walker Art Center.

This next image also of Saraceno’s doesn’t involve grass but is just too gorgeous not to share:

Keep off the grass! was an undulating suspended landscape that was installed in the Southern California Institute of Architecture’s school gallery for 8 weeks.

Artists Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey grew grass on vertical surfaces including a cathedral and mausoleum.

as well as portraiture.

I also came across some grass lamps.

All images in this post belong to their respective owner/ artist.

6 responses to “en-grass-ed

  1. really interesting stuff…I loved please keep off the grass.

  2. worldgoesround


  3. wow! very cool

  4. these are gorgeous. i love love the balloons!

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