Couscous Salad

The recipe for this dish was in this month’s print version of Kiwi Magazine.

This was a big hit! It was so tasty- very fresh and summery. We enjoyed it so much we’ve made 2 batches this week.

I was unable to find this recipe on the Kiwi website and didn’t feel like typing it all out, so hopefully the photograph will suffice. We opted to use lentils instead of garbanzo beans and I used half the amount of cinnamon that is called for.

my helper:

I have also been really enjoying seeing Felix play with my baby doll from when I was a child. We brought her home from my parents a few weeks ago, and he picked her out of the pile of other toys that were mine and carries her around from time to time. He likes to give the doll hugs and kisses. She’s a bit heavy for him still, which makes him lugging her around that much cuter.

One response to “Couscous Salad

  1. so sweet…the couscous looks yummy and the cinnamon sounds like an interesting twist.

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