Inbox: more mail art!

Yesterday, I received two delightful surprises in the mailbox.

One came from Kathleen Caprario, an Oregon artist, who is currently on an artist residency at The Morris Graves Foundation in Washington.

There was another piece from Aimee Lee in the mail yesterday too! Aimee has just a few days left on her Fulbright Fellowship in Korea before she’ll be back state side again.

There are many things I love about getting mail, like finding something in the mailbox and the pure joy of simply being thought of. Some of the best parts though are the marks left by the rollers, the mars made in the paper, the stamps, and the senders penmanship. Getting mail is so physical. It is real, tangible and has been on such a journey; each piece has had it’s own exciting life before making it’s way into my hands. I am so thankful when it does!

Interestingly, I met both of these talented artists through a residency I had at Jentel in Wyoming almost two years ago. Kathleen and I were residents at the same time. Aimee was  resident in the session after I left, and worked in the same studio I had. It is Jentel tradition that each resident send a postcard to the person who will next use their studio. Aimee and I continued to correspond via mail for several months before we finally had a chance to meet in person while we were both in New

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