Enojoying THIS Moment

There are so many things to be done on any given day. The sink is full of dirty dishes, there are toys covering the floors, a basket of laundry needs to be put away, I have five t-shirts to finish, haven’t made any new artmail and have a project that’s been sitting unfinished in the studio for far too long. But sometimes, like right now on this cool rainy day, all I can get myself to do is cuddle my little F in a soft green blanket in the red recliner. (Yes, he is in my lap snoozing as I type this- that is multi-tasking, right?!).  I frequently argue with myself about setting him down and getting to “things”, but sometimes I think it is more pertinent to just relish the moment, to look and love. To feel the warmth of his body, listen to each breath and kiss his sweet little head. He will never be THIS way again. His plump little fingers, sandy curls, the roundness of his cheeks. As this 1 year milestone gets closer, I find it ever so important to take in, enjoy, and remember these sweet baby moments.

(bottom two are a little blown out by the flash, but you get the picture.)

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